Note: Tested on Firefox 61.

Aerial City is a turn based city builder without resources where you build and defend a flying city.

How to play?

You can build one building per turn to protect the engine in the center of the city. Different buildings affect the number of turns you have until the next encounter. Building a house increases the number of turns by one, while building defenses decreases the number of turns.


  • Click to build. Note: you can only build new tiles next to other tiles.
  • Click on one of the three items at the bottom of the screen to select the type of building you want to build.


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fun! but definately too hard. maybe one more enemy each turn?

Really good! All I would say is to make enemy lasers look different then your own

Very enjoyable, one of the better ideas!

It took me quite a while but I got to this point eventually

When u get here it is actually impossible to progress because there's no way to spend your turns

Although I feel that turn is the resource here, it's not the classical resource, interesing idea.

I like it!

very tricky! fun, though and pleasingly polished


Nice idea. Though a bit hard

Shields act more like walls... And your recource here is time. Nice idea here tho.


Nice game (sorry for my broken English)


Your english is perfect here, just so you know.